Friday, March 23, 2012

Thanks To All Pick'em Members...

Sorry about the late notice, due to ongoing matters and a lack of time to operate the site, the 2012 IndyPick'em season will be canceled. Mostly my work finally blocked my site, this was were I did all my updates and work on the site. It was great while it lasted.

Thanks again for the last few years, its been a lot of fun, I enjoyed my time running the league.

I noted that prior years the IndyCar website ran a fantasy league, I will check into this and see if we could set up a private group. If I am able to do so, I will set up a private group and send all the info to last season members via email and a post on this site.

Keith R


Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Keith. We hope you don't feel that the last four years have been a thankless job, because everyone has appreciated very much what you have done. On behalf of Team Wisconsin and everyone through those IndyPick'em years, thanks and best wishes!

KJ said...

Hey Team Wisconsin...Check out IndyCar Nation and join the "Indy Pick-em" league.